We created Quindaro Press in 2004 because we had a story to tell. A winning story that would pull in readers and make them think about where we’ve come from … and where we’re going.

We tell exciting stories about ordinary women and men in extraordinary times. We believe anyone can make history, not just the famous men we read about in school.

In 2014 we saw a crying need for stories that were more diverse and more interesting to young readers. So we jumped in, starting with our action-packed historical novel Firebrand. We’ve signed authors to develop titles for us in 2016 and beyond.

Diane’s background is education. She has taught in a one-room schoolhouse, written books for young readers, and edited textbooks. She holds a master’s degree in history.

Aaron’s background is journalism. He was television critic of the Kansas City Star and appeared often in local and national news media. He posts eye-opening stories every day on Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve given more than 200 talks to young readers and adults. Our books have been read in classrooms from fifth grade to freshman year of college and used for numerous History Day projects. One intrepid group of eighth-grade girls even turned our travel guide into a Google tour for a robotics challenge!

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