We created Quindaro Press in 2004 because we wanted to publish distinctive books of history. In 2014 we decided to focus entirely on the next generation of readers and leaders. It’s a mission we’re calling #YAHistorical.

Here’s a little about us …

Diane’s background is education. She has taught in a one-room schoolhouse, written books for young readers, and edited textbooks. She holds a master’s degree in history.

Aaron’s background is journalism. He was television critic of the Kansas City Star and appeared often in local and national news media.

We’ve given more than 200 talks on history, the humanities, and book publishing. Our books have been used for numerous History Day projects. One intrepid group of eighth-grade girls even used our travel guide in a robotics challenge!

It’s easy for you to support our mission:

  • We publish a monthly #YAHistorical newsletter with the latest news and book reviews, and you can subscribe for free!
  • Quindaro is on Twitter (and so is Aaron).
  • We’ve begun signing authors to develop titles for us in 2016 and beyond. If you’re an experienced author of historical and/or nonfiction works, write us for our submission guidelines.

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Book buyers and resellers

Quindaro Press titles are distributed exclusively to the trade by Itasca Books.

If you do not typically use a book distributor, we are happy to offer generous terms to gift shops and other resellers. Contact us directly using this form.


Write us for submission guidelines. Also be sure to read About Us to familiarize yourself with Quindaro’s unique mission.

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